Church Plant – Logan, UT

The Tarver family along with two other families, the Swineys and the Eenigenburgs, will be planting a church in Logan, Utah with the support of West Conroe Baptist Church.

Cache County, Logan is the county seat, reports less than 2% of the population identifying as a true Christian adherent. 82% of the population is LDS/ Mormon and 12% identifies as non-belief. Logan is unreached and unengaged with the True Gospel of Jesus Christ. Would you pray about how you can help us reach this community for Christ?

This group was created to help develop a supporting network for the church plant in Logan, Utah. The church will have an actual FB page when we are able to officially establish the new church in Logan. If you are interested in helping support this church plant there are 3 ways that you can support our church planting efforts right now:

1) Pray for all of the families involved. Each family is uprooting their life in Texas to move away from family and friends to follow God’s call to plant a church in a place that is in desperate need for the gospel. Pray that God would prepare the hearts of the lost in Logan to receive the gospel of Jesus.

2) People are needed to win this community to Christ. Come on mission with us to Logan, Utah. Send mission teams from your church to partner with us through short-term missions. Connect us with others (families, pastors, churches) in your life that have a passion for ministry in Utah, to LDS communities and non-belief communities!

3) Give financially to sustain the church in Logan while the new believers are learning giving principles that will lead the church body to become self-sustaining.

Contact Seth Tarver through FB if you would like further information on the church plant and or how to give to support this church.