Who We Are

Our Beliefs

What is it that makes Arcadia Valley Chapel, and churches born of the Calvary Chapel movement, different from other Bible-believing, evangelical churches?

It is important to have an understanding of the unique work that God has done in our fellowship of churches. If a Calvary Chapel is exactly like the church across the street, it would be better to simply merge the two. But, if there are distinctives that make us different, then we have a unique and special place in the plan of God. Certainly there are churches that share many of our beliefs and practices. However, God has done a wonderful work of balance in the Calvary Chapel movement and that balance is the primary difference.

There are many who believe in the gifts and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, but they don’t have a strong emphasis on Biblical teaching, nor do they look to the Word to guide their experiences with the Holy Spirit. There are many who place a strong emphasis on teaching the Word of God, but they don’t share the view that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are available and valid today. At Arcadia Valley Chapel our desire is to provide the balance of solid biblical teaching with an heart open to the work of the Holy Spirit. It is this balance that has made Calvary Chapel a distinct and uniquely blessed movement of God.  And it is our intention to follow the Lord as we continue in that pattern.

For a comprehensive study of our doctrine, church government structure and style of worship please visit Calvary Chapel Distinctives.